EUC 2015: The VC Crew Takes Over Copenhagen

The European Ultimate Championships took place in Copenhagen this year much to the excitement of the VC summer Europe event staff! After wrapping up a busy and exciting week in London for U23 Worlds, our crew packed up our van full of merch and supplies and drove across Europe all the way to Denmark for this next big event.

Upon arrival, the EUC crew was already hard at work with site features such as a gigantic circus tent for the main food hall and a fascinating Pallet Palace for players to lounge on and around. Our team set up as quickly as possible with only a few days before the opener: we had a whole city to explore on our rented bicycles, after all!

The event began Monday, July 27th, and in preparation for the onslaught of first day customers, EUC was kind enough to send some staff our way to help out. They also were dressed in bright yellow VC jerseys, so of course they were lovingly referred to as our very own minions:

Unfortunately for players and staff, the weather was very unpredictable. Each day seemed to be a crazy combination of hot/cold/sunny/rainy – hard to figure out for us, but apparently fairly typical for Danish summers.

Heinrich (our little buddy from Amsterdam) getting a bit of a shower :

The highlight of the week for us was our Wednesday night Beer, Bacon, and (spike)Ball tournament! We gave away a whopping 8 kegs and 5 kg of bacon that day as players competed in a TriVolle (European Spikeball) tournament. We also may have had some wooden folding tables as casualties of the evening.

This is what happens when you make bacon in foil trays with hot coals.

Heinrich also go to partake in the festivities.

We also managed to check out some pretty sweet places in Copenhagen while we were there. VC Staff Copenhagen Recommendations:

Little Mermaid Statue (although G tells us it’s much smaller than you’d think)
The Red Square (in Superkilen) – full of street art, "local color" (pun intended)
Copenhagen Street Food – food truck market, delicious!
Christiania – for a little more adventure
Tivolle – for the rides, concerts, and ambiance! 

We were sad to leave Copenhagen at the end of this event, especially with a super beautiful day for the finals! However, our staff had to get a move on since EYUC was a 9 hour drive away in Frankfurt and started the next morning. On to the next event!

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