VC Goes to Comedy of Errors

Fun fact: Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare's shortest and most farcical plays. The comedy centers around slapstick, puns, and mistaken identity. In short, it was BEGGING to be the theme for an ultimate tournament and Montreal's AUM stepped up!

With such a creative theme (opening up lots of costume potential by encouraging "disguises") it would be hard not to have a good time at this tournament. Unfortunately there was a little difficulty with the fields and the tournament had to be split into two locations, but the tournament staff were still all smiles.

At the VC tent we had a great time enjoying the sunshine! Our Spikeball sets got lots of attention Saturday and with some free VC hats to giveaway we had a lot of fun playing games and trading hats for puns!

This was also a special weekend for our VC staff since we had a visitor: Wags from Chicago came up to help out. GStar and Wags had a great time teaching Spikeball and running games, but they certainly spent their breaks a little differently - 

GStar getting in a core workout with some friends:


Wags getting treated to the best of Canadian hospitality (G says, "Get back to work!"):

While visiting, Wags got to have her first Timbits, Montreal poutine, and see a Royal vs. Outlaws game....all-in-all a great weekend! Thanks AUM for hosting an awesome tournament; we look forward to the Jazz tournament coming up soon!

More information on AUM can be found on their Facebook

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