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Elon's Wild Rumpus on a Wild Ride

September 20, 2018

Once you choose VC as your gear provider, you join a family. And like any family, we love to hear about the successes and events of those in our community.  Like Elon's women's ultimate team: Wild Rumpus. These motivated and inspirational women are throwing a tournament soon and we wanted to take the time to catch up and hear about their team and this awesome event! Thank you Pearl Sullivan for taking the time to answer.  What's new with your team for 2018-2019? What are you excited about?We are a young team and we have a lot of new members with varying levels of experience. I am really excited to see how the team grows and how we continue to...

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Part of the Process: Moving Past Feminism

September 12, 2018

"Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or have been off the grid for the past week, you’ve seen Nike’s new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, the controversial NFL player who took a knee for something he believed in–or how we like to call it, the Ad That Shook The World. Nike's ad with Colin Kaepernick that shook the world. We love seeing big companies like Nike creating ad campaigns whose goals aren't merely profit-seeking, but to inspire generations, incite change, and spark conversation. Now, we don’t want to say that Nike took a page out of our book, but maybe, just maybe, a Nike executive happened to stumble across our Call for Models...

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