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The Future (of VC gear) is Non-Binary

December 08, 2018

Your jersey has no gender. It's a shirt. A piece of fabric sewn together by someone who's never met you. How can that person put a label on a shirt – a label on you, really – without even asking you first? More importantly, your jersey company shouldn't care what gender you are. Why should we have to ask/demand that you identify as either woman or man to determine what shirt you should order? What if you don't identify as either a man or a woman? What if you do, but our gendered gear doesn't fit your body type? What if we dared to be different and move past these labels in a way that we can–by evolving how we both...

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Road to the Reversible: Finale...It's here!

December 06, 2018

Our single layer, fully sublimated Reversible jersey is now available in stock or to customize! Our  Reversible jersey modelled by a few of our favourite community members at the 2018 Ultimate Canada Conference. The Reversible jersey has been in the process for a long time. We began with the Reversible tank, a solid starting block which helped us learn more about the construction of reversible gear. From there, we built our first Reversible jersey, but acknowledged that we had a lot more to learn/perfect. Finally, we dove into the science of the Reversible jersey: How the heck were we making these? And now here we are. After months of trial and error, we've finally created a product that will revolutionize the ultimate world: the future of...

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