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Be The Change

August 15, 2018

We create more than just top-quality jerseys with eye-catching designs; we create clothing that sparks conversation. Our ‘Future Is Female’ collection’s goal was to get people asking, talking, and thinking about gender equity in ultimate, and the statement is one of will and purpose: it’s about where we are going, the necessary journey to equality for all athletes, and what is needed to get there. 'Nevertheless, she persisted’ is another collection whose goal is to provoke conversation which leads to action. This expression was adopted by the feminist movement around 2017 and we thought it would help empower, motivate, and inspire. In the past, our goal was the get people talking. Now, we want people to start doing. 2018 has...

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What's Cooking, Winnipeg?

July 31, 2018

Heading to a new town for ultimate can be fun, but the most frustrating thing can be finding good restaurants to take your team! There’s nothing worst than having to browse through reviews of dive bars in the middle of nowhere, hoping to stumble across a gem. Lucky for us (and for you!), we asked a friend of ours for some suggestions and he replied with a gold mine. We figured it would be selfish to not share this information, so here is his email, filled to the brim with delicious suggestions. You’re welcome! Hey!  I would recommend visiting the West Broadway/Wolseley neighbourhood for sure. Sherbrook St between Wolseley Ave and Broadway has a bunch of good bars and restaurants....

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