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Models Announcement: Charlie Knott, Scott Xu, Jay Hart, Nyna Prevost

July 20, 2018

Our last, but certainly not least, models announcement is chock-full of amazing people with incredible stories. If you haven't read our first announcement, click here; for our second announcement, click here. Charlie Knott Charlie's story may be one of the most unique we've ever read. Charlie (a.k.a. Yung Deafy) is deaf. His team has learned to face him when they talk so that he can read their lips. Charlie wrote that ultimate frisbee has given him the opportunity to become a strong leader on his team and show everyone that deaf people can do anything. Charlie's unwillingness to let his impairment define him is amazing. Not only is Charlie a motivation to us, he's also a great ultimate player! When he...

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Models Announcement: Robin Ellis-Cockcroft, Louise Bentham, Daniel Arias Garcia, Kelsey Gibboney

July 18, 2018

Our second model reveal includes four great applicants who we knew deserved to be part of this project. If you haven't seen the first round of reveals, click here. Robin Ellis-Cockcroft Robin switch to ultimate seemed like a total 180: he grew up play rugby, a sport that he says had an aggressive culture (hazing, obscene banter and a need to intimidate your teammates). He distinctly remembers walking into the sports hall at his school and seeing Sophie and Megan throwing a frisbee, and he knew he wanted in. What we really like about Robin is that this rugby athlete who comes from a dominantly male background was able to use two strong female athletes as his role models for...

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