Friction Gloves 3.0

The 3.0's give you the same great grip as our original glove but with great new features.

New features include:
  • Reinforced palm at the knuckles
  • Added thumb flexibilty to reduce wear
  • Sizes for all hands
  • Sharp new look 

This is the glove that started it all! Friction Gloves work great in every condition: dry, hot, rain, snow, you name it. They will help you maintain a firm grip on the disc whether you're catching or throwing. 

They eliminate slippage when the disc is wet, keep your hands warm in cold weather, and ease the sting of zippy throws. Whether your goal is to throw with more accuracy, catch tough discs, or just look fly, Frictions will help.  Frictions are not bulky or stiff like other gloves. They are tight fitting and, after a while, you’ll forget they’re even on!  

Friction Gloves are black with a charcoal print. 

Make sure to check out the NEW size guide shown below! 

When choosing a size consider that you want them to be tight but not too tight. Please note that gloves may split if too tight, especially across the palm or near the base of the thumb. Be careful when lending to those friends with big hands!


Category: Gloves

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