Discs for Development

VC and Discraft are teaming up to keep our site stocked with affordable discs, all year round. The new program is called Discs for Development and our aim is to distribute discs to as many programs as possible!

The Discs
The best quality discs, potentially less than 100% designs on them... these are perfect practice discs from our friends at Discraft. Discs are all 175 gram Discraft UltraStars. Mix of colours and designs available.

Please note that they are Discraft misprint discs so designs may not be perfect. At this great price, you can't be picky :) 

Discs for Development Discount
Are you starting a new league or team? Are you looking to pick up discs for kids from a lower SES school or area? Let us help you! 

Our program will offer up to a 15% discount on 10 Disc Development Packs if you tell us a bit about your initiative and why your program could use a bit of extra help.

We'll share your story on our Facebook page, too - you never know, you might find another player/league/association that could offer you some help!

Tell us about yourself in an email sent to info@vcultimate.com - thanks! 

Order your Discs for Development today! We are currently awaiting another shipment but your order  will ship by May 24th.

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