About VC

VC Ultimate was created - by ultimate players - in Montreal, Canada in 1998 to fill a void in the market for ultimate Frisbee apparel. VC moved to Toronto in 2003 to be closer to our factories and the owner's home towns.

Over the past almost 20 years, our goal has remained the same - to produce team uniforms and ultimate apparel of the highest quality, while living up to our reputation for great customer service and active community involvement.

The first VC office, circa 2000, on Montreal's famed Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Company Values

VC Ultimate is made up a team of individuals that believe in doing what's best for our customers and community. The VC team is inclusive and supportive, and made up of women and men from diverse backgrounds. 

We believe in working hard and making the best product we can and providing a supportive learning environment for our employees.

In 2017, VC has begun welcoming refugees as team members. We are proud to be able to provide a safe, fair and positive stepping stone as these individuals start their journey in to a new and unfamiliar working world.

The opportunity has been amazing for us as a company, and we would be happy to share our experience with any others considering doing the same.

Community Involvement

VC believes in supporting the community that has supported us all of these years. This is why we give back 15% of our total revenue to support organizations, leagues, teams and players around the world in the form of cash contributions, in-kind gear donations and credits/discounts.

We also support ultimate in our favorite way - volunteerism, mentor-ship and promoting amazing initiatives through our communication channels.

Locally Made

The vast majority of VC apparel is made within 30 minute drive of our office in Toronto, Canada, including all of our custom-made team jerseys and shorts.

Look for the Made in Canada symbol when viewing our products online.

The VC Family

VC is proud of its sister companies, VCS Ultimate's Spin Ultimate based in Atlanta, GA, and VC Ultimate Europe's Lookfly

Read about the VC-Spin merger to create VCS Ultimate here, and the VC Lookfly relationship here.

The VC Promise

We want players to enjoy wearing their gear as much as we enjoy making it. If you are not completely satisfied with the workmanship of your VC gear, we will either repair or replace it, every time.

VC & WFDF Partnership: The Face of Ultimate & VC Ultimate Company Values Statement

The World Flying Disc Federation is the international governing body for flying disc sports, with responsibility for sanctioning world championship events, establishing uniform rules, setting of standards for and recording of world records. VC is the Official Apparel Partner of WFDF.

As our sport matures past the stage of “what is ultimate” around the world, thanks in large part to the amazing accomplishment of WFDF securing recognition from the International Olympic Committee, we are now faced with the question of “who is ultimate”?

Ultimate can be everyone, and it’s important that the international governing body promotes that in every way it can. VC wants to be your partner in this mission.

To us, this includes showcasing both male and female players from around the world, of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, competing and playing our sport respectfully against one another.

To us, this embraces a commitment to having all advertising materials representing players from all continents equally.

To us, this means proactively ensuring that on-and-off-field footage from events includes a diverse make up of players and is equitably split between the divisions.

To us, this means that no person around the world should think that he or she doesn’t look like an ultimate player.

To us, this is the embodiment of Spirt of the Game and it’s what makes our sport so uniquely special and important to grow throughout the world.

Welcome International Ultimate Players!

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