World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London

Worlds Returns to London!

U23 World Championships 2015 by London was just so fun, we couldn't stay away! This past June we returned to the same fields in St. Albans for the World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2016.

We started the week making friends with an adorable cart who we dubbed "Herbie" named after the 1960's Love Bug. Herbie did a great job helping us transport our merch to and from our tent each day, but we wore him out a bit by the end of the week! Thanks for all the hard work, Herbie!

Oh no! Herbie down! Herbie the Love Bug - The Resemblance is Uncanny!

One of the most interesting parts of the week for our staff was learning about GUTS - it's a terrifying game! We decided it's very appropriately named. The USA team was looking super fly in their full-sub VC jerseys, but as for our staff....we'll be sticking to ultimate.

GUTS USA clinch the win! Nice jerseys!

Unfortunately, Thursday games were almost all cancelled due to an intense downpour with crazy flooding. Luckily, we had Adriana's nephew Otis with us for Friday to make up for lost time! Otis was a champion at giving away stickers and high fives, so we went into the finals on a high note!

Otis saves the day with stickers, high fives, and smiles!

A location change for the finals did add some extra complications for the last day - especially when the staff sent to pick up gear at the original site 20 minutes away forgot to bring the container key. It ended up being a pretty awesome stadium though so it was totally worth it! 

Shout out to Team Canada for rocking our jerseys all week - these were some of our favorite designs ever! If you missed your chance to pick up some sweet swag, you can still order Team Canada gear here, or WUGC fully sublimated gear here. Cheerio, London - until next time!

Team Canada Swag


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