Florida Winter Classic 2017

Florida Winter Classic was a great way to kick off the spring season for VC and Without Limits!  This year was the fourth year of partnership between VC, Without Limits, and Florida FUEL. 

The event has doubled in size and grown in competitiveness during that time, attracting many Nationals Qualifiers and Nationals hopefuls.

Dartmouth Princess Layout captured the Florida Winter Classic title and showed us just a glimpse of how dangerous of a team they will be this spring.  They were dominant all weekend long.  Host team Florida FUEL had a very strong showing as well, finishing second and demonstrating lots of athleticism. 

Champion Dartmouth with the Spikeball set that they received from VC Ultimate for winning the tournament. Follow Princess Layout's season on Twitter at @princesslayout

Captain Courtney Testa had this to say about the weekend, "My favorite part of FWC was seeing the competitive atmosphere and playing and learning from teams from all over the east. It's really exciting to host a tournament with such a wide variation of teams and I think it helps me grow as a player, captain, and teammate to interact with these women."

VC showed up in full force at the event with raffle prizes, prizes for the top teams, and lots of awesome event merchandise.  Tournament Director Megan Mullally said, "I loved having Kelley from VC come out again.  Kelley's positive attitude really brought up the energy of the tournament.  The merchandise is always top notch and the raffles this year really added to the value of the tournament.  We can't thank VC enough for supporting us and helping to create an awesome tournament logo this year."

Local team Central Florida with the Spikeball set that they won from FUEL in the raffle.

As always, the successful event was a team effort.  Mullally added, "I learned from running FWC that the success of the tournament really depends on the team you have to help you.  This year, Kaitlin, Charlotte, Michelle, Kyra, and our volunteers from Fuel and Diesel made the tournament run extremely smoothly."  Testa added her thoughts about VC's importance to the event, "VC has supported our team by sponsoring us and helping us create the gear we want, whether that be uniforms, t-shirts, hoodies, ect. VC strongly supports Florida Women's tournament, FWC (Florida Winter Classic) and has helped it grow into a competitive and sought after season opening tournament."

Looking forward, FUEL hopes to continue their success.  Testa said, "I am looking forward to developing the full potential of this team. We have a deep team with a lot of different talents, and new coaches as well. This year will provide a lot of different opportunities for FUEL and it's an honor to captain these ladies as my teammates and best friends."  

We'll be rooting for you, FUEL and we look forward to your continued success!  Thank you for your partnership and for all you are doing to grow college women's ultimate.

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