VC is proud to sponsor GOAT, an elite touring team from Toronto and our longest standing partner squad. More GOAT players than we could count have helped us grow as VC team members, design strategists, product developers and general all-around supporters.

After bringing home gold - and the Open Spirit award! - at the 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Ottawa this summer, The Herd updates us on their season.

GOAT celebrating their win at CUC!
Photo courtesy of Ultimate Canada

2017 has been a strong year for Toronto men's Ultimate. The Toronto contingent representing our country at the World Games in Poland was instrumental in earning a bronze medal for Team Canada. GOAT took home a national title at CUCs in Ottawa. The Toronto Rush came within one point of an AUDL championship against the Bay Area juggernaut San Francisco Flamethrowers, defeating last year's champions along the way. And now GOAT is poised to carry that momentum into the USAU fall series and prove that last year's stumble was an exception, not the rule.

That said, the road to glory is treacherous, and there are a few key members of the herd that won't be making the journey down to the green pastures of Sarasota:

Scott "SHooter" Hastie
Sam Paiva
Greg Ellis
Michael Jones
Gord Harrison


Did we miss anyone? Nah, that sounds right... ;)

In any case, after their 12th(13th?) straight sectional championship victory in the Upstate NY Section, GOAT is looking to take the Northeast Region title back from perennial powerhouse Ironside, as well as assert their dominance over regional rivals PoNY and Dig.

With the influx of some premier young talent like Victoria, B.C.'s Ben Burelle, Ottawa, ON's Kinley Gee, and homegrown stars Michael Mackenzie, Bretton Tan, and Jason Huynh, GOAT has found an energetic compliment to their established veteran core and is looking stronger than ever.

Check out @ultiworldlive on twitter for scores and updates on the weekend of September 23/24 to track GOAT's progress and cheer them on their road to the 'ship!

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A special shout-out to recently retired Coach SHooter. We couldn't be prouder to have had Scott "SHooter" Hastie in VC gear on so many occasions - from GOAT to Team Canada(s!). Congratulations, SHooter, on an epic career and best of luck on all that's to come. #Youdabes

Read GOAT's heartfelt tribute here.

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