VC 2015: A Year in Review

2015 is coming to a close, but it's been a wild ride! We've had a lot of exciting news and a lot of fun events this year, and while we're thankful for all of that we're even more excited to see what 2016 brings. Check out our 2015 year in review!

We started the year with our WFDF announcement - we're the official merchandisers for the World Flying Disc Federation for 2015 and 2016!

This year our USA office out of Atlanta went to a whopping 130+ tournaments between the VC and Spin brands! Wow! In February one of the events was Trouble in Vegas where our staff were enchanted to meet this capybara, Romeo; basically a giant guinea pig. #onlyinvegas

We also had the pleasure of merchandising the first-ever USAU Beach Nationals. Virginia Beach was a great time, maybe the most fun being all our VC Funzone beach games!

In June we had a very exciting announcement: our merger with UK company Lookfly! We now officially have a VC Europe branch and some electric new plans for a Lookfly revamp.

June also gave us a fun giveaway day with the Toronto Elites club. We gave away free sublimated samples of some of our favorite designs - earned through Spikeball games and joke-telling. Everyone loves free sub jerseys!

U23 in London kicked off our summer European tour. We met a lot of amazing young players from all over the world and saw some really exciting competitive ultimate.

EUC in Copenhagen brought more great European ultimate. Since Denmark is known for their bacon, we hosted a memorable night of fun with our Beer, Bacon, and SpikeBall tournament.

EYUC was the last of our European summer tour; what a great note to end on! We saw some incredible youth players - the future of ultimate looks bright indeed!

Back on our home turf, we wrapped up the Canadian season with CUC in Winnipeg. It was lovely to be among some of our favorite Canadian teams again.

Our final destination tournament of the year was PAUC in Cancun, Mexico. Even though it was the rainy season and we had some new obstacles to overcome, these amazing positive teams made it all worthwhile!

In this next year, we're looking forward to new product development and our continued contract with WFDF. Keep an eye out for new designs for bigger, better events, like WUGC 2016 back in London. Here's to an exciting new year!



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