February 22, 2017


VC Team Spotlight: UC San Diego Psychos

VC is proud to sponsor the University of California San Diego women's team, Psychos. You can support the team by sporting their replica gear, available in the VC online store here!

Psycho A at Santa Barbara Invite 2017

A note from the team:
The UC San Diego Psychos are stoked for the college season! We're looking forward to learning and improving as much as possible while continuing to challenge top ranked teams across the nation. We're grateful to VC for always being accommodating and supportive of our crazy jersey designs, and we hope that everyone will love them as much as we do!

Berzerk B at Pres Day Quals 2017

February 07, 2017


Florida Winter Classic 2017

Florida Winter Classic was a great way to kick off the spring season for VC and Without Limits!  This year was the fourth year of partnership between VC, Without Limits, and Florida FUEL. 

The event has doubled in size and grown in competitiveness during that time, attracting many Nationals Qualifiers and Nationals hopefuls.

Dartmouth Princess Layout captured the Florida Winter Classic title and showed us just a glimpse of how dangerous of a team they will be this spring.  They were dominant all weekend long.  Host team Florida FUEL had a very strong showing as well, finishing second and demonstrating lots of athleticism. 

Champion Dartmouth with the Spikeball set that they received from VC Ultimate for winning the tournament. Follow Princess Layout's season on Twitter at @princesslayout

Captain Courtney Testa had this to say about the weekend, "My favorite part of FWC was seeing the competitive atmosphere and playing and learning from teams from all over the east. It's really exciting to host a tournament with such a wide variation of teams and I think it helps me grow as a player, captain, and teammate to interact with these women."

VC showed up in full force at the event with raffle prizes, prizes for the top teams, and lots of awesome event merchandise.  Tournament Director Megan Mullally said, "I loved having Kelley from VC come out again.  Kelley's positive attitude really brought up the energy of the tournament.  The merchandise is always top notch and the raffles this year really added to the value of the tournament.  We can't thank VC enough for supporting us and helping to create an awesome tournament logo this year."

Local team Central Florida with the Spikeball set that they won from FUEL in the raffle.

As always, the successful event was a team effort.  Mullally added, "I learned from running FWC that the success of the tournament really depends on the team you have to help you.  This year, Kaitlin, Charlotte, Michelle, Kyra, and our volunteers from Fuel and Diesel made the tournament run extremely smoothly."  Testa added her thoughts about VC's importance to the event, "VC has supported our team by sponsoring us and helping us create the gear we want, whether that be uniforms, t-shirts, hoodies, ect. VC strongly supports Florida Women's tournament, FWC (Florida Winter Classic) and has helped it grow into a competitive and sought after season opening tournament."

Looking forward, FUEL hopes to continue their success.  Testa said, "I am looking forward to developing the full potential of this team. We have a deep team with a lot of different talents, and new coaches as well. This year will provide a lot of different opportunities for FUEL and it's an honor to captain these ladies as my teammates and best friends."  

We'll be rooting for you, FUEL and we look forward to your continued success!  Thank you for your partnership and for all you are doing to grow college women's ultimate.

January 27, 2017


What size should I order?


We get asked all the time about the sizing and fit of our jerseys so we've spent some time this year beefing up the available sizing information on our website and product pages, and have created a Fit Guide to show you how our gear fits on all the awesome different shapes of ultimate players.

If you're thinking about ordering VC jerseys or tanks, take a moment to check out the fit guide - we hope it helps!

If you have a favorite jersey or t-shirt that fits you perfectly, find the sizing chart for that shirt online and compare it to VC's measurements to see which size is your preferred one.


While all this sizing and fit information is very useful, there can be different fits for different styles. Here's a few frequently asked questions.

Question: I was looking through your catalog and had a question about sizing for full sub jerseys. I think that spot sub jerseys don't shrink as much as screen printing similar jerseys. How does shrinkage when fully sublimating a jersey compare with screen printing shrinkage?

Answer: This question deserves a multi-part response!

1. VC spot sublimated jerseys don't shrink at all.
  • These are always white/very light, so they don't retain heat.
  • Spot sublimation is done on a heat press so the jerseys never go through a hot dryer, which is generally what causes them to shrink.

2. VC sublimated jerseys don't shrink at all AND they are a slightly bigger pattern.

  • Our sublimated jerseys panels are PRE-cut to our standard pattern, so they don't shrink when sublimated. Some companies will cut the panels AFTER sublimated, which can result in sizing and fit inconsistencies.
  • Our pattern has no side seam on one side, which means that the shape of our sublimated jerseys is a bit "looser" and they feel a bit bigger, because there's no second side seam to taper the bottom of the jersey. We do this to allow for maximum design capabilities.

3. VC screen printed jerseys DO shrink 2-5% in the screen printing process.

  • We've accounted for this in our jersey pattern, which is the same as the ones the spot sublimated jerseys are made from.
  • You'll notice that VC's jerseys are usually half a size larger than our competitors and that's to account for printing shrinkage... better a tad too big than a tad too tight, in our opinion.

Say you're a men's medium, but sometimes you wear a large in a styley hipster t-shirt, and you'd rather your jerseys be a bit roomier than tighter. I'm currently describing my brother Graham, who's shown in our fit guide. Our advice to you would be to get a medium sublimated jerseys and a large screen printed jersey. Reason being, you'll be happy with either, and this way you've covered your bets in the best way possible.

January 17, 2017


New Pivot Training Pants

Our new Pivot Training Pants have just launched as part of our Team Canada Collection, and are available for custom orders for your team at any time. 

The goal behind this product was to give players a great warm-up and training option that keeps you warm without restricting your range of motion. The material is smooth on the outside and cozy on the inside, with 4-way stretch.

Canadian-and-Russian ultimate legend, Anatoly (Toly) Vasilyev was one of the first to comment on the style. "They look pretty funky and the fit is exactly what is popular right now," said Toly. "VC has never had a product like this."

Creating a training pant that focuses on performance, and that is comfortable for both men and women, was the key.

"It's no secret that women's and men's pants fit quite differently, so it took us a few times to make sure that the hip area of this style works well for a wide range of body types," said VC's CEO and new product developer, Adriana Withers. "I'm really proud of the fact that both Remi and Alyne could do squats comfortably... while looking good for the camera no less!"

Remi Ojo and Alyne Azucena flexing out the new Pivot pants.

"When I first tried the training pants on, I was amazed at how it was able to perfectly balance style, mobility, comfort and durability. Definitely an essential training piece."
- Remi Ojo

Key Features

"Tight and loose in all the right places, these training pants are the perfect addition to your warm up gear, with extra long zipper access for quick and easy removal."
Alyne Azucena

Design Options 

This product is fully customizable as it's 100% fully sublimated. You can even add your own touch to the inside of the pockets. 

Excited yet? 

Drop us a line and our team of designers is standing by to help make your custom Pivot pants an ultimate reality, or pick up a pair today!

December 01, 2016


VC Ultimate To Sponsor, Help Grow Ultiworld's Women’s College Coverage

From Ultiworld: A new partnership will support Ultiworld's college women's coverage.

We are pleased to announce that VC Ultimate has partnered with Ultiworld to help support a substantial amount of college women’s coverage in the 2016-2017 season. Featuring tournament reporting, video footage and highlights, coverage of D-I and D-III Nationals, and a monthly profile series, Ultiworld’s coverage of the college Women’s Division will be stronger than ever thanks to VC Ultimate’s generous support.

Below is a Q&A with VC CEO Adriana Withers about the company’s decision to commit resources to enhanced media coverage of the Women’s Division.

Why is this an important moment for women’s ultimate?

There are a lot of important developments happening in ultimate right now. The recognition by the International Olympic Committee, the spreading awareness of the professional leagues, the quasi-regular inclusion of plays on SportsCenter Top 10 – these are all signs that ultimate has started to arrive in the mainstream, if it hasn’t already.

As more eyes and interest land on ultimate, it is of paramount importance that our incumbent media outlets commit to presenting our sport at its best, which to VC means providing equal coverage of the women’s division, towards the goal of supporting gender equity.

It’s important that female athletes have their stories told and are equally and respectfully covered. It’s important that, when new spectators and media consumers read about and watch ultimate, it is just as likely that they are seeing coverage of women’s competition. Further, it’s crucial that any girl thinking about getting involved in our sport can go on to a site like Ultiworld and find a female role model just as easily as a young boy could find a male one, or vice versa for that matter.

VC is proud to support Ultiworld’s 2016-2017 women’s division coverage. When we proposed this idea, it was because it was one way that we can help to level the playing field in terms of what events and stories get covered in the coming year.

Yes, it’s an indisputable fact that more people watch men’s athletic events, and therefore those events are better financially supported than women’s ones. Yes, this is true even in ultimate. That doesn’t mean that supporting the coverage of the women’s division is less important to VC; we think it makes it more important to put our financial resources behind it.

What’s the motivation behind sponsoring Ultiworld’s women’s coverage?

As ultimate continues to expand, it is necessary that ultimate organizations, governing bodies, and for-profit businesses commit to working towards gender equity in our sport. We have a real opportunity to cultivate ultimate in a different way than traditional sports have historically grown.

In my opinion, that means that companies like VC need to open our pocket books and truly support equal coverage of women’s ultimate, even knowing that we will have a less traditionally “valuable” return on our investment. The motivation behind our idea to support Ultiworld’s women’s division coverage was simple: it was the right thing to do.

Why move beyond your focus on Without Limits to support the full college season coverage?

Without Limits Ultimate is an amazing organization that will always have VC in its corner. The work that Michelle Ng and her partners have done to create playing and development opportunities for women (and men) over the last 6+ years is inspiring. Organizations like this build our community up and strengthen the foundation on which we can continue to make progress.

However, Without Limits is only one of many organizations doing great work – the All-Star Ultimate Tour, GUM, camps like NUTC that make gender equity a focus among both instructors and players, and the many other tournaments with strong women’s divisions across the country.

We didn’t want to pick and choose what coverage we helped to fund simply due to an event’s affiliation with partners we are already work with or tournaments that we are already supporting in some other way. It was important to provide financial support to the entire division’s coverage to help get as many stories out there, from as many far-apart places, and about as many different players, teams, and organizers as possible.

How do you see a media-focused partnership helping there?

As we say at the VC office, 90% of problems we come across are due to lack of quality communication. What better way to focus on the importance of gender equity in ultimate than by supporting the quality coverage of the women’s division?

November 11, 2016


Ultimate Canada Conference 2016

Adriana with smiles and sunshine!

A message from VC's CEO:

Today I'm headed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the 2016 Ultimate Canada Conference. I could not be more excited for my first visit to Saskatchewan and to spend quality time with 100 inspiring and dedicated individuals to discuss ultimate.

As presenting sponsor for the conference, VC is honored with the opportunity to address the organizers, delegates, presenters and sponsors at the welcome meet and greet that we host tonight. Usually I use this timeto talk about what's new and exciting with VC - accomplishments we've been proud of and plans for the future.

This year, however, I don’t have it in me to talk about ourselves in that way. Please don't get me wrong, I am so very proud of our company and the people that work hard every day to provide the ultimate community with quality products. I'm so proud of all of our partnerships here in Canada and around the world and I'm happy to discuss these things with anyone at any other time.

This year just feels different and I'm instead inspired to use my allotted few minutes to talk about an idea that's been swirling in my head since first hearing Michelle Obama's epic line: When they go low, we go high. Focusing on the "we go high" part, I'm inspired to talk about what I believe to my core is ultimate's ability to promote Going High.

I'm excited to share my feelings about what this means to me and how I feel about our sport and our inclusive, open minded and supportive community. To hear from the individuals at this conference about their feelings on our sport and the positive ways in which they have seen ultimate inspire through its dedication to its core values, including Spirt of the Game. I'm honored to have the opportunity to hopefully spark a conversation about what Going High means to ultimate, and to share the collection of messages with our ultimate friends around the world.

In my mind, ultimate is all about Going High. I look forward to sharing and listing to you and I hope that you'll join us in this conversation.

With much love and respect,


October 12, 2016


Shorts Enthusiasts - We Hear You!

Same high quality, super low clearance price!

Ultimate players - you have been heard! Although there's certainly a lot of love out there for our world-famous GOAT shorts, in a recent fitting survey we received feedback that players would like more variance in the length.

In our unisex products we strive for fits that are comfortable for all
shapes and sizes, but we also understand that it's Micro shorts for everyone!hard to find the right cut to please everyone. When we introduced our women's cut for shorts it was in answer to ladies who were looking for comfy gear that fit their style: more like soccer or running shorts than basketball shorts. We upped the ante recently with the introduction of women's cut Micro shorts: all the quality and comfort of VC women's shorts, now also in our new Microfibre moisture-wicking material!

The bottom line:
We'll be working to provide more variation in our shorts sizing: XS and Smalls will get shorter, Large and XL and XXL will get longer. Otherwise the fit will remain the same!

What this means for you:
All our current shorts undergoing size changes must go go GO! Every pair of FlexLight shorts in our inventory (minus the mediums - sorry but those aren't changing) are priced to sell at $14.50 USD / $19 CAD!

Place a team order or pick up a pair of discount shorts and fall in love all over again with VC FlexLight material, plus your favorite vintage cuts! Available in black, charcoal, medium grey, navy, royal blue, ink blue and white - while supplies last! Women's cut GOAT shorts are also on sale, available in black!

Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep in the loop on exciting deals like this, or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage!

September 20, 2016


VC College Deals!

Early Bird Pick Your Offer!

It's time to think about making your team look good in the best performing, highest quality gear around... at a great price. 

You pick the offer,
VC will take care of the rest.

OFFER A: Keep it Simple and get up to 15% off during our Early Bird Sale.
12-24 sets*: 10% discount
25+ sets: 15% discount
*Set: light and dark jerseys + shorts

Order a minimum of 12 sets of fully sublimated jerseys and we'll give you a free pair of FlexLight shorts for each player!

Ordering spot sublimated or screen printed jerseys? No problem!
Order a minimum of 12 sets of any type of jerseys and get 50% off of any type of short VC offers!

Bonus Offer
Order before Oct. 15 and receive up to 3 hours of FREE professional art time!

Order Deadline: January 15th, 2016

HUGE Micro Short News!Micro Shorts - New Colors, New Cuts!
Micro Shorts are now available in our amazing Women's Cut & in two New Colors!

Read about our Women's Cut shorts here, or learn more our our Micro Shorts here.

Micro Shorts are now available in BLACK, WHITE and CHARCOAL!!


Mystery Disc Bundles On Sale Now!
Need Discs?
VC's got practice discs on sale right now for less than $5 US. 
Check it out, and use discount codeCollege10 to take 10% off any order in the VC store all month!

Questions? Comments? Ideas? 
Drop us a line any time; we can't wait to hear from you!


September 16, 2016


World Junior Ultimate Championships in Poland

WJUC 2016

The World Junior Ultimate Championships in Poland was a whirlwind World Flying Disc Federation event in the beautiful city of Wrocław! Not all is as it appears however: Polish pronunciation was one of our favorite challenges of the event and by the end of the week we had down the the name of the city (pronounced like "frot-suave") and the word for thank you - dziękuję (pronounced like "jun-koo-ya"...sort of).

Wrocław also happened to be the 2016 Capital of Culture which was a well-deserved title judging by the beautiful city, apparently constant events in the main square, and incredible street art all over! We were lucky to merchandise WJUC in such an amazing location!

Our all-star staff was all smiles!

The week-long event certainly kept our staff on our toes. Our problem-solving skills were put to the test when we had to construct racks out of metal pipes that were sturdy enough for all the sweet VC and Lookfly gear! Not to mention weather ranging from hot and humid to chilly and windy to torrential downpour; we had to be ready for anything!


Trivolle wants to go home with you!
Two of our favorite things from the week: starting a VC Snapchat account (Follow us! "vcultimate") and giving away Trivolle sets all week to all the junior teams. Not only are these young athletes amazing ultimate players - they're also hilarious and very good at Trivolle! Thanks to Trivolle for donating sets to these teams from all over the world, they're definitely going to good homes.

Best night of the week: trade night. A crazy downpour cut the night's activities short, but not before we got to run around in these crazy human hamster balls: 

Finally, a great week in Poland was capped off with the Canada boys taking home silver and our Canada ladies winning gold in an exciting final against USA! So proud of our juniors teams.

Congrats Canada Girls!

Thanks to everyone who helped put on this amazing event - we can't wait for another opportunity to visit Poland!

August 31, 2016


World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London

Worlds Returns to London!

U23 World Championships 2015 by London was just so fun, we couldn't stay away! This past June we returned to the same fields in St. Albans for the World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2016.

We started the week making friends with an adorable cart who we dubbed "Herbie" named after the 1960's Love Bug. Herbie did a great job helping us transport our merch to and from our tent each day, but we wore him out a bit by the end of the week! Thanks for all the hard work, Herbie!

Oh no! Herbie down! Herbie the Love Bug - The Resemblance is Uncanny!

One of the most interesting parts of the week for our staff was learning about GUTS - it's a terrifying game! We decided it's very appropriately named. The USA team was looking super fly in their full-sub VC jerseys, but as for our staff....we'll be sticking to ultimate.

GUTS USA clinch the win! Nice jerseys!

Unfortunately, Thursday games were almost all cancelled due to an intense downpour with crazy flooding. Luckily, we had Adriana's nephew Otis with us for Friday to make up for lost time! Otis was a champion at giving away stickers and high fives, so we went into the finals on a high note!

Otis saves the day with stickers, high fives, and smiles!

A location change for the finals did add some extra complications for the last day - especially when the staff sent to pick up gear at the original site 20 minutes away forgot to bring the container key. It ended up being a pretty awesome stadium though so it was totally worth it! 

Shout out to Team Canada for rocking our jerseys all week - these were some of our favorite designs ever! If you missed your chance to pick up some sweet swag, you can still order Team Canada gear here, or WUGC fully sublimated gear here. Cheerio, London - until next time!

Team Canada Swag


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