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Get the Best with CoolMax Fabric!

August 10, 2016

In 2015, we made the decision to make all of our VC brand apparel locally in Canada again. Since we started making custom gear 15+ years ago, the mass majority of VC apparel had been made locally in Ontario. However, as demand for VC gear grew, we found it necessary to experiment with overseas production for about 15-20% of our total output. After a few years of quality consistency issues combined with our gut feeling that ALL VC gear should be made in Canada, we made the commitment to bring all of our VC gear production back to our local factory near our office in Toronto. Brainstorming ways to take the Made in Canada label further, we came up with...

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Copyright Infringement: the Dos and Don'ts of Fair Use

March 24, 2016

In creating gear for ultimate we are lucky to work with a talented and creative community. When we brought sublimation to ultimate teams back in 2001, we helped start a new era for jersey design in our sport. Now, 15 years later, inspired designers are coming to us with incredibly creative and artistic works continually! There is one catch, however: many teams come to us with amazing creative ideas that we unfortunately can't follow through with due to copyright law. It's very easy to see something you like and want it reproduced on your gear, but there are a lot of laws and policies in the way.   According to the Stanford University Libraries, Fair Use refers to, "any copying of copyrighted material...

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