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We get asked all the time about the sizing and fit of our jerseys so we've spent some time this year beefing up the available sizing information on our website and product pages, and have created a Fit Guide to show you how our gear fits on all the awesome different shapes of ultimate players.

If you're thinking about ordering VC jerseys or tanks, take a moment to check out the fit guide - we hope it helps!

If you have a favorite jersey or t-shirt that fits you perfectly, find the sizing chart for that shirt online and compare it to VC's measurements to see which size is your preferred one.


While all this sizing and fit information is very useful, there can be different fits for different styles. Here's a few frequently asked questions.

Question: I was looking through your catalog and had a question about sizing for full sub jerseys. I think that spot sub jerseys don't shrink as much as screen printing similar jerseys. How does shrinkage when fully sublimating a jersey compare with screen printing shrinkage?

Answer: This question deserves a multi-part response!

1. VC spot sublimated jerseys don't shrink at all.
  • These are always white/very light, so they don't retain heat.
  • Spot sublimation is done on a heat press so the jerseys never go through a hot dryer, which is generally what causes them to shrink.

2. VC sublimated jerseys don't shrink at all AND they are a slightly bigger pattern.

  • Our sublimated jerseys panels are PRE-cut to our standard pattern, so they don't shrink when sublimated. Some companies will cut the panels AFTER sublimated, which can result in sizing and fit inconsistencies.
  • Our pattern has no side seam on one side, which means that the shape of our sublimated jerseys is a bit "looser" and they feel a bit bigger, because there's no second side seam to taper the bottom of the jersey. We do this to allow for maximum design capabilities.

3. VC screen printed jerseys DO shrink 2-5% in the screen printing process.

  • We've accounted for this in our jersey pattern, which is the same as the ones the spot sublimated jerseys are made from.
  • You'll notice that VC's jerseys are usually half a size larger than our competitors and that's to account for printing shrinkage... better a tad too big than a tad too tight, in our opinion.

Say you're a men's medium, but sometimes you wear a large in a styley hipster t-shirt, and you'd rather your jerseys be a bit roomier than tighter. I'm currently describing my brother Graham, who's shown in our fit guide. Our advice to you would be to get a medium sublimated jerseys and a large screen printed jersey. Reason being, you'll be happy with either, and this way you've covered your bets in the best way possible.

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